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In short, Liberty and Logic is a blog with views that can generally be described as right-leaning libertarian or classical liberal. We are constitutionalists and individualists who desire to maximize personal liberty and freedom. However, instead of clinging to titles, we prefer to handle issues individually, as truth is truth irrespective of which ideology holds the view. At the Liberty and Logic Blog, we strive to present reasoning for our beliefs through evidence and logic.


Universal Health Care has been shown to be a complete and utter failure; private care systems preserve and protect the health of each and every citizen.

Welfare Programs are detrimental to both the populace and the overall economy, as they drive laziness and unemployment and are economically wasteful.

Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) needs to be repealed and replaced, or, if neither are suitable options, refined.


Domestic Policy

The War on Drugs has been disastrous. Legalizing most (if not all) drugs would maximize individuals’ freedom and liberty, boost the economy, actually reduce addiction, invalidate and debilitate drug cartels, decrease crime, provide less of an incentive for illegal immigration, and would provide pathways for rehabilitation instead of incarceration for crimes without victims. The War on Drugs has wasted millions if not billions of dollars, and countries that have adopted this view have seen tremendous success as well. With all this in mind, we are still proponents of science and health education that describe the effects of drugs.

Illegal Immigration is a problem this country is facing, and the deportation of criminal aliens is the first priority. Improve vetting and visa systems, and increase border security.

The size of the government should be small and limited in order to maximize personal liberty. We are also in favor of maintaining a strong separation of Church and State, with public policy not influenced by religious texts. With that being said, however, we are proponents of religious freedom as well.

We are strong proponents of constitutionalism, classical liberalism, individualism, and federalism (states’ rights).


Social Issues

Without the right to life, no other rights matter. Thus, as individualists, we support the right to life of all individuals, whether inside or outside of the womb. We are also proponents of defunding Planned Parenthood.

We are strong proponents of the Second Amendment, or the right to bear arms. With that being said, there should be background checks conducted on individuals who desire to purchase a firearm, as those with mental illnesses pose a threat to public safety. However, most proponents of increased gun control simply desire to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire guns.

Raising minimum wage would be disastrous due to the subsequent and inevitable inflation, unemployment, and the diminishing of the worth of the dollar itself. Salary and advancement in the workplace should be commensurate with each individual’s ability, not gender, race, religion, or nationality.

We support the rights of all consenting individuals to do as they please in the privacy of their own homes. Privatize marriage and allow unions between any two consenting adults, be it same-sex or opposite-sex.


Foreign Policy

We do not hold many strong views regarding military spending, however, Joseph Schmid’s view would be to refrain from increasing military spending by either maintaining or even decreasing the budget.

James Kurlich is more of an interventionist while Joseph Schmid is a selective non-interventionist.

We are proponents of free trade, and we criticize Trump’s tariff policies.



We are supportive of an unbiased and impartial education, devoid of “common core”, which is detrimental to the intellectual development of children.

We believe it would be beneficial if a large portion of education is privatized.

We oppose corrupted teacher’s unions.



Government spending should be very minimal, one line of evidence being the atrocious 20 trillion dollars in national debt.

We maintain the position that taxes should be low.

We are proponents of a free market/enterprise and capitalistic system with minimal state intervention.



We are strong proponents of science and health education in order to empower future generations of innovators and to have an informed and educated populace.

We are proponents of federal funding for honest scientific research.

James Kurlich does not maintain the position that climate change is a real and pressing phenomenon and believes more unbiased and accurate research is required before government action. Joseph Schmid does maintain the position that anthropogenic climate change is a real and current issue. Joseph Schmid’s solution would shift focus to incentivizing the free market to adopt alternative energy sources instead of costly regulations, however, he is not opposed to all regulations.

Science is very likely the best way of gaining knowledge and skeptically interrogating the universe; thus, the scientific method, along with its evidence and experiments, should be used to support, inform, and enhance politics.


Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul are among our role models.

unknown-4 Ron_Paul,_official_Congressional_photo_portrait,_2007.jpg Rand_Paul,_official_portrait,_cropped.jpg

We hope you read our posts for in-depth analysis of why you should adopt our viewpoints as well.

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