Anthropogenic Climate Change: The Evidence

Humans have been affecting the environment, atmosphere, and climate for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In fact, in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, a team of researchers claims that the Earth has experienced upwards of 3,000 years of anthropogenic abuse, undergoing “thousands of years making widespread and … Continue reading Anthropogenic Climate Change: The Evidence

Should we be telling our youth that it’s bad to hit a woman?

        If you–like me–were a male raised in a first world country with “basic” social values, you were probably taught that it is never okay to hit a woman. It seems fine on the surface. I mean, males are anatomically and biologically inclined to be stronger than women, so men shouldn’t hit … Continue reading Should we be telling our youth that it’s bad to hit a woman?

The Facts Regarding Illegal Immigration

Perhaps one of the most divisive and controversial issues that our country currently faces is illegal immigration and its implications. Instead of reasoned dialogue, it seems as though both sides have resorted to mindlessly parroting aphoristic phrases such as “love trumps hate” or “build the wall”. The gravity of this issue cannot be overstated, and … Continue reading The Facts Regarding Illegal Immigration

The Verbal-Fluid Narrative on Former FBI Director James Comey

Federal Bureau of Investigation From the right and the left, there are always figures that the other side despises. The left might support someone and the right will consistently attack them. The right stands with somebody, and the left seeks to tear them down. If half the nation loves you, it is likely that the … Continue reading The Verbal-Fluid Narrative on Former FBI Director James Comey

Environment Protection V. Enterprise Protection

Free Market image, by Nick Youngson Many people would say that global warming or anthropogenic climate change are settled science. They would claim that these are pure fact, cannot be disputed, and anyone who disagrees is a “climate denier.” Let’s put all this aside for a moment. Let’s just assume, hypothetically, that in 150 years the … Continue reading Environment Protection V. Enterprise Protection