Generation after generation has gone through a meat grinder of indoctrination. First, when toddlers are barely learning how to speak and listen, they grow up hearing the TV or radio consistently repeating the same or similar one-sided messages from celebrity stars or just the general news. Second, when they reach their first schools, they are taught to stop asking questions, accept what they are told, and to have a complete disregard for history. And thirdly, the children move on through high school and then into college where the ideas formulated in childhood are firmly established by respected professors. They grow up with one viewpoint and that viewpoint is never challenged. It is essential for ideas to be challenged so that they may be improved. Obliterating curiosity in children and young adults will only result in disaster for the rest of the world. The people who have been force-fed this information need help.  We have formed this blog to challenge not only our own views, but others’ views as well. We want fight against groupthink and unquestioning acceptance. Asking questions and being skeptical of each and every claim is crucial. At the Liberty and Logic Blog, we see it as our job to do our best in getting the word out to those who are imprisoned in a one-view state of mind and show them to think for themselves and make not only the nation a better place, but also the entire world.

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