Immigration: Rights, Responsibility, and Recovery


Illegal Immigration

We are told that the United States was built upon immigrants. These brave individuals left their homelands and travelled to the United States in order to find more economic opportunities, freedoms, and improve the lives of their families. Some wonder why illegal immigration should be any different.

There are requirements for a nation to be stable. Among these are laws, borders, defense, economic opportunities, and basic freedoms. The United States has begun to falter on the front of borders. Borders are a necessary requirement because, in our constitutional republic, each individual is a sovereign ruler. Each person can vote to determine the future of the nation and each person is responsible for upholding the laws that all citizens mutually agree to.

Laws and government are only official and recognized if the people accept their authority. The invasion of illegal immigrants is in itself a breach of law. We have seen plans to deport only criminals of their numbers, but this fails as they are in fact all criminals. Every illegal immigrant has broken the key principle that a country must have borders. It is our duty as a nation to defend our borders for the good and protection of our citizens. Not only this, but it is the duty of citizens to uphold the laws of their nation. The rule of law must be maintained.

A government is responsible for representing, protecting, and creating opportunity for its citizens. It is not to be held accountable for the rest of the world. The United States government has no obligation to help the rest of the world. We have the choice of who to help, and we also have the choice of who to let join our ranks. Basic standards are required to join the nation as a United States citizen. The ability to be economically self-sufficient, the ability to speak English at a decent level or effort being made to learn, and general assimilation to our laws and values are things that should be upheld.

No non-citizen has the right to enter the United States. The government of the United States has the responsibility to defend its borders and protect its citizens. The people of the United States need a recovery from a lapse in law enforcement, destruction of economic opportunities, and  waste of taxpayer money on non-citizen non-taxpayers. If and when we are able to block further illegal immigration, less money will be wasted. More jobs will open up, and American citizens will be able to have beneficial employment.

Now that the basic ideals of immigration have been set forth, the following article will be founded upon the statistical evidence behind why illegal immigration harms not only American citizens, but legal immigrants as well.

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