Norwegian Lutheran Church Embraces Same-Sex Marriage


(Photo from Wikimedia Commons Free to Share and Use in Public Domain)

The Norwegian Lutheran Church has recently decided to open the option of same-sex marriage. The Lutheran Church adds another nation to the list in which it offers same-sex marriage. This action is a follow-up based upon the precedents that the Lutheran Church set in other countries such as France and Brazil.

The leaders of the church will now use a different “Ceremonial Language.” Which means they will end using the words “groom” and “bride” and Instead use neutral words like “spouse” for example.

According to CIA World Fact book, 82.1% of Norwegians are Lutheran. To put that into comparison, India’s Population is only 79.8% Hindu. Norwegian Lutherans are a majority in their own right and thus have a powerful political sway in their nation.

Because of this and the recent churches in other countries allowing same-sex marriage, it is fair to ask. Why do most connect Christians and religious in general with conservatism? The truth is that a large number of the religious in the west are very liberal.

According to Pew Research Center, in America, there are 7% more democratic Catholics than Republicans, 3% more democrats in the Presbyterian Church, 4% more democrats in The Lutheran Church, and 38% more democrats in the Jewish faith.  

The notion that religion as a whole is some sort of lobbying group to the American people in support of the anti-progressive agenda is not always true. The religious of all denominations and sects along with the non-religious are politically divided.

Religions are not always perfect, but it is important to give praise when praise is due. In the scenario at hand, the Norwegian Lutheran Church is advancing the case of liberty and should be applauded for such.

On another note, it is the libertarian agenda to consider people as individuals instead of groups. Grouping not just all people of one religion, but every single religion, is wrong due to entirely different doctrine and actions of their free individuals. It is also wrong to make actions that are harmless to third party groups illegal. Let individuals be married as they please. Do not force any organization or religion to take part in it, but do not ban these marriages altogether.

Author: Caleb Russell

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