Mainstream Media has not Changed for the New Year


Do YOU read fake news?

New Year’s resolutions have been forcefully handed down to those of us in “flyover states,” people who stood against Hillary Clinton, and who have fought the demands of social justice warriors. They have been given by popular figures on the left such as those in mainstream media.

The left lost in the 2016 Presidential Election. It was a crushing defeat in comparison to the polls and what think-tanks believed would happen. Why were they so wrong? How did the “experts” not only fail to predict the outcome of the election, but have the exact opposite result happen?

The media made some massive mistakes. They refused to cover very real stories, and those that they did display were only shown in part. They made a shield of lies, and they worked so hard on convincing the American public that Trump would never be president that they convinced themselves.

Repetition of a lie or an uncertainty can lead to one thinking of it as a truth. Instead of objectively presenting news or creating polls with the goal of informing or surveying the public, they have tried to shift the results.

One would think, as I personally do, that the media would learn from their mistakes last year. One might believe that the media would go about more honest reporting in order to keep their ratings and the trust of the people. And one would be wrong.

Now, ever so early in 2017, the mainstream media has arguably done something even more irrational in their reporting of the “Golden Shower Gate.” The mainstream media accused the President-Elect of engaging in inappropriate sexual activities and generally broadsided him over the issue. They were so quick to leap at the opportunity that they did not fact-check or verify their information.

President-Elect Donald Trump called out the behavior. In a following press conference, he refused to take questions from a CNN reporter as this was one of the stations to perpetrate the myth. He denied the reporter by stating, “I am not going to give you a question. You are fake news.” BuzzFeed also joined in on the proclaiming of false information, and Trump called their organization a “failing pile of garbage.”

Is the President-Elect right? Are CNN, BuzzFeed, and all of those who joined into the brawl fake news? Will they become a “failing pile of garbage” because of this? It is up to the viewer to determine what they believe is true or false. It is up to the viewer to listen to what they know is true and to shun what they know is false. If every reader or listener were to follow these standards, fake news would disappear. Let’s find out if fake news will disappear in this new year of 2017.

Author: James Kurlich

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