North Korean Missile Threats Increase During the Trump Transition Phase

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North Korea has threatened the incoming Trump administration during its important time of transition. They have accused the United States of “unprecedented recklessness” when it comes to our nuclear power, and they use this as a justification for their own nuclear program.

Despite President Obama’s lackluster actions towards enemies of the United States in office, according to North Korea, he has, “constantly heaped malicious slander on [North Korea].”

The North Koreans claim to have had a “successful nuclear warhead detonation” on September 9th, and they use this as leverage.

One of the Pyongyang foreign ministry people stated, “The United States and the South Korean puppets last October announced an ‘extended deterrence consultative group’ and held their first meeting This is a serious act of provocation that further aggravates the situation on the Korean peninsula and increases the risk of nuclear war.”

The official’s words were in response to the first meeting of the Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group the prior week.

In essence, North Korea has always presented a major threat to the United States. Given time, this threat will continue to escalate as it has in the past several years. The United States, NATO, and allies in the Pacific need to deal with this danger once and for all.

Possible Solution & Problem Analysis (Personal Opinion):

China has always been the main issue of defeating North Korea. They are a protective umbrella over the childish regime in Pyongyang, and must be convinced to let the free world topple the tyranny.

President-Elect Donald Trump has constantly degraded China for manipulating the United States in trade deals. Part of his electoral platform was negotiating harsher deals with China, and this has caused tension and possibly fear from the Chinese. Perhaps lessening the hold of the trade deals in return for a free shot at North Korea would be an option for the Trump administration. It all depends upon diplomacy in this scenario, and hopefully all sides will follow through on their word.

Japan and South Korea are largely threatened by the unreasonable country. They would likely aid the United States in battle against the already militarily weak enemy. The South Koreans, in particular, would pour resources into assimilating their regained territory.

While the North Koreans are advancing in nuclear arms, they fail to properly equip their ground and air troops. The South Koreans, in particular, would pour resources into assimilating their regained territory.

Removing the North Koreans as a global threat would bring balance and peace to the surrounding areas. Not only this, but the enslaved people in that prison nation would be unshackled to join the free market of South Korea.

This is a possible solution and is entirely my opinion. However, the threat is very factual. This brief idea may be neither entirely accurate nor the best plan out there, and the Trump administration may go down a different path.

I encourage everyone to work on solutions to issues like these in order to increase the likelihood of each issue’s conclusion. It is good to be back to writing and I hope to post regular content once more.

Author: James Kurlich

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