2017 New Year’s Resolutions for the Individual


MTV News has recently taken down a video titled “2017 New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys”. The video featured quotes such as “Try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy”, “Stop saying woke”, “If you’re a judge, don’t prioritize the well-being of an ivy league athlete over the woman he assaulted” and “Listen we know nobody is perfect, but honestly you guys can do a little better.” This video was seemingly supposed to be a light-hearted, upbeat video. However, contrary to MTV’s expectations, it sparked uproar and controversy. Perhaps they fail to realize that videos and articles like this actually cause more unneeded racial tension. Why is this? Why are mainstream “progressive” media outlets grouping white males and blaming them for the actions of individuals? Why are these sources trying to group white people, namely white males? I urge you to consider the alternative as well. What if someone made a video like this for African Americans, Latinos, or other groups? In the video, white men were shamed because of one individual judge’s decision–even though white males were neither responsible for nor connected to his decision in any way. This is the racism and sexism that is hidden under the light and upbeat tone of this video.

This, however, is not the only example of the leftist media attacking white people. One example includes Salon, who has made articles such as “Why it is always a white guy: the roots of modern violent rage”, suggesting that if you are a white man, then you were born and raised with internal violence and privilege. On what basis do they claim this? Do they have any evidence supporting this? As you can see, it is the left that constantly plays the race card. Perhaps the reason our country is so divided is because the media constantly focusses on and emphasizes race every single chance they get.


Salon also posted a different article titled “White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it”. In it, Salon insinuated that if white men have their way, then their goals and intentions would become similar to their ancestors from 500 years ago. Supposedly, they would control America with the ideology of white supremacy and ethnic cleansing. Why? According to Salon, it is in their blood. 


Finally, the last example among countless others would be Huffington Post. They released an article titled “An Open Letter to White Men in America” stating that white men are “Persons of Privilege” and that white men “Didn’t earn it”.


The problem that arises when analyzing these incidents is that white men are constantly being degraded and derided in every shape and form. A great deal of comedy, education, and both the mainstream and independent media constantly claim that white men are privileged, not worthy of what they have, and that they didn’t earn it. They claim white men encourage rape, want to cause harm to women, that the white men of today are responsible for slavery, and that they should apologize for it. According to Bernie Sanders, no white person knows what it is like to be poor or live lower class. He claims white men control the entertainment industry, and that they prevent minorities and women from getting big roles.In addition to that, some people in the media and on the left claim that white men are discriminatory and sexist towards women because of their biological attraction, and that because of their instinctual pull towards them that they are responsible for girls who harm themselves. They allege that white men have it easy in the office place and are promoted without real reason or effort. It is proclaimed that white men are accepted into great universities without real reason or effort. They believe white males are the tumor, the cancer, the root of the problems in society and how they have been for hundreds of years. White men, because of this constant barrage of shame for being white men, leads to white male comedians, singers, politicians, and everyday people to put down themselves in front of others for being white and male. This is a pathetic and backward philosophy, and the United States should not continue to base anything upon it. That instead of bringing the minority up, they are talking the majority down. Instead of protecting equal rights for all, they have resorted to pushing down the white male, and teaching him growing up that he and the white boys he knows are the problems.

Instead of labeling people in groups, such as white male, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, it is the conservative and libertarian stance that the individual should be the main focus. One calls another by name, not by some sort of quality. These white males are people, just as everyone else. It is time to start treating people as their individual selves and holding them accountable for their own actions, not responsible for the actions of people who share a similar trait or lived in the past.

Author: Caleb Russell

Questions? Ask away at libertyandlogicblog@gmail.com

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