The Battle Over Secretary of State


The Secretary of State race has gotten tighter in the past few weeks. Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s top choices, removed himself from the selection of a Donald Trump cabinet position. New sources hint to who Trump may pick.

Donald Trump is expected to pick Rex W. Tillerson for Secretary of State, a 64-year-old CEO and Chairman of ExxonMobil. Although the decision is not final, numerous sources say that he is number one in the running.

Trump has described Tillerson as a “world-class player” and “a great advantage” in recent interviews. He also tweeted, “Whether I choose him or not for ‘State’- Rex Tillerson, the Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil, is a world class player and dealmaker. Stay tuned!

Many speculate why Trump would choose Tillerson. Some are currently hypothesizing that Trump wants Tillerson because of his ties with Putin, and that Trump’s “bromance” with Putin was not a joke. This theory is somewhat plausible. In fact, Vladimir Putin awarded Rex Tillerson with the Order of Friendship award in 2013. Tillerson’s ties with Russia originate from his job before he became CEO in 2006 when he managed ExxonMobil’s Russia account.

Since Russia is under economic sanctions from the United States, it would make sense for them to want a foreign advisor with whom they are already acquainted. Tillerson has recently commented, “I have to address all the twitter trolls who attacked me last few days that I am a friend of Vladimir Putin. I am a true American patriot.” on twitter.

Author: Caleb Russell


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