Safe Spaces: Threats to Democracy


A civilization in which free thought and rational inquiry are suppressed or disregarded never survives. If we, as a country, value emotions and feelings over reason, we have done a colossal injustice to both our founding fathers and our humble beginnings. I would argue that the freedoms of thought and expression are the most critical to the advancement of our country, but they are truly under attack.

As you have likely read in our past article, safe spaces pose a tremendous threat to discovering truth and propelling our country forward. They hinder dissenting opinions and free thinking. What good is holding an opinion if you cannot defend it? And what good is a belief that is impervious to all reason and criticism? By discussing important issues our country faces, we are bound to encounter differing views; but if we simply revert to our safe spaces, no progress can be made whatsoever. As we have reiterated countless times on the blog, views must be supported by reason, logic, and evidence, while safe spaces do just the opposite.

But how is this applicable to modern politics? The entire 2016 presidential race is hinged upon preying on the emotions of voters. In every debate, all we hear is “you said this offensive thing”, while no progress whatsoever is being made for the real issues. All the media has talked about is each candidate’s comments, while their platforms and policies have gone entirely unnoticed. Very few people are discussing the important issues; instead, it is a constant and petty battle of emotions. Science issues have gone entirely unnoticed, along with foreign policy and many social issues. There was one question in total from all the debates regarding abortion, and it was simply each candidate stating their views on it. How is that rational inquiry? Why can’t they engage in an informed discussion about abortion, and support each of their claims with logic and reason? It’s rather disconcerting that two candidates can run for the most influential and monumental job in the entire world without truly discussing and debating the issues our country faces.

Both safe spaces and the presidential race hinder informed dialogue and reasoned discourse. In a time where emotions and feelings dominate our lives, how can our nation make progress and thrive? And in a time where reason and rational inquiry have been disregarded, can our nation truly survive?

Author: Joe Schmid

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