Freedom Wednesday 1: A Delightful Discourse


HUMP DAY! (Wednesday) … (Duh)


While we may be dedicated at L&L, we certainly cannot do it alone. In order to get our viewpoint across, we need passionate viewers to discuss and debate with those around them. That is why “Freedom Wednesday”, a new article, will sometimes take the place of each usual Wednesday post. The new writeup will be a link to an old post with important segments repeated, highlighted, and explained to make discussion easier.

“Freedom Wednesday’s” mission will be to lay out a debate topic and give points which one can use to win the discussion. It will be designed to aid conservatives who have trouble explaining their beliefs. Politics and especially conservatism are complicated matters. While liberalism tends to rely upon feelings and emotions, conservatism relies upon fact and principle. The latter of the two ideologies is more difficult to explain without appearing cold and insensitive to people in need. While a conservative knows that his or her ideals actually help people in need more than liberalism, getting that through to someone is nigh impossible.

This week’s topic will be abortion. Being pro-life is an essential part of conservatism.

Debate Abortion

The article, “Why Abortion is Wrong,” is already laid out in a decent format for debate preparation. It includes liberal statements with rebuttals. However, this post will go into a bit more depth.

“It is a matter of bodily autonomy. A mother can do whatever she wants with her own body.”

This point was well refuted by Joe Schmid. In order to remove any weight that this argument carries in the mind of your opponent, use analogies and examples at first. If this fails to get through to them, explain the more scientific side. Joe worded this perfectly with, “The fetus is simply inside the mother. At no point is the fetus of one substance with its mother. The fetus may be attached to the mother via the umbilical cord and placenta, but that is completely different.”

That argument is further supported by the fact that the unborn child and the mother have two separate combinations of DNA. If DNA is what makes a human unique, how can the child have a different combination than the mother yet still be part of her?

“Abortion is acceptable because the fetus in the womb is not fully developed.”

Once again, this point is extremely flawed. Who is to decide when a human being is developed enough to not be killed? Who decides where to draw the line? The human body is still growing and developing even beyond the teenage years. Does this mean teenagers and adolescents are not developed and therefore can be killed freely?

Use the science behind this matter and the left’s alleged position on science to thoroughly crush opposition. Those who support abortion tend to be liberal leaning. As progressives/liberals, they claim that they believe science holds all the answers and law should be formed around it, not opinion. If that claim is true, then they should not be supporting abortion as it is contrary to their core values. The science behind the issue does not support the pro-choice side, and the left happily ignores that this viewpoint goes against their principles.

“Abortion is acceptable because the fetus does not feel pain. It is not fully sentient.”

Once again, analogies are helpful for refuting this argument. If someone steals money from a man’s wallet and he never realizes, does that make the thief’s actions moral? Just because someone is unaware of a malevolent deed against them, it does not make that deed acceptable.

On top of this, the fetus has the potential to become a fully sentient being unless it is interfered with by an outside force. Destroying someone’s entire future just because they do not know what they will have is wrong. Stealing someone’s wrapped present does not mean that they lost nothing. They just had no idea what they lost.

These three points are the most common arguments that I’ve come across in my debates with the other side of the aisle. The other three are less common and are sufficiently explained by the original article.

While engaging in this debate, it is important to realize that there are passionate people on both sides. It is essential to remain calm and collected. Make sure that you have your points ready, and have done all the research required. Be confident in your stances, but be ready to listen to your opponent. The only way that you will change his or her mind is by paying attention to every point they make. Very few things are absolute, and everyone must acknowledge that they have the potential to be wrong.

I find it especially difficult to listen to my opponent’s arguments on issues like abortion. That is because I am extremely confident and passionate at the same time. Allowing my temper to command me is something that I have to work hard on controlling, as does everyone else. The subject of politics does tend to be inflammatory, but it is also necessary. If you have this problem, be assured that you are not alone.

Author: James Kurlich

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