The First Presidential Debate


Let’s get a few things out of the way before you continue reading this article. First, I am a constitutional conservative/partial libertarian. That may seem a tad confusing, but I have written on that in the past and plan on writing about it in the future. If you want to see a short synopsis of my views, you can go to this link:

Second, I desperately wanted Ted Cruz (or Rand Paul, my second choice) to win the Republican primaries. However, I plan on uniting behind Trump in order to defeat the deceitful Hillary Clinton. Lastly, I want to make a point about two-party systems. For the most part, in the United States, we practically live in a two-party political system. We have the Democrats and the Republicans. However, to many people’s astonishment, multiple parties exist. I plan on writing more about the Libertarian, Green, and Consitution parties in the future. But here’s my main point. Two-party systems are detrimental to our nation. The two-parties’ views are so restricted, and they fail miserably in encompassing all the viewpoints possible. Third party candidates deserve a chance to make their views and policies known, and the system practically makes it impossible for them to make it into the debates. My last point before delving into the debate itself is that Gary Johnson should be there on the debate stage. Most national polls have him between 9-14% nationally, just short of the 15% requirement.

The debate

In case you did not know, the first of three presidential debates took place on Monday, September 26, 2016, at 9:00 PM. Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate faced off against the Democratic candidate, Hillary R. Clinton.

Personally, I felt that the debate was very close. Both candidates put forth a great amount of effort. However, I think Hillary Clinton slightly edged him. I would personally rank the debate around 57 points towards her, and 43 points toward Trump.

“According to a poll conducted on during the debate, Clinton was the winner. Of respondents who voted during the debate, 55.4 percent said Clinton won, while 44.6 named Trump.” (AOL)

However, it is a different story for other news sources. CNBC polls showed Trump with a 67 to 33 win over Clinton, and a different Time Magazine poll showed Trump winning 55-45. But the mere fact that these different sources have different opinions on who won prove the point that it was extremely close. (The Washington Times)

However, some things in the debate were not so close. Callum Borchers, of The Washington Post, wrote:

“Out of 14 total inquiries, seven went to both candidates, six went to Trump, and just one went to Clinton.” (Washington Post)

The questions were entirely lopsided to Trump’s detriment. He was constantly put on the defense by the moderator, being asked about his personal comments and his flip-flopping. But notice something else; there was absolutely no mention of Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails, her being responsible for the deaths of four individuals in Benghazi, her using multiple devices and personal email accounts, her breaking the law, and the fact that she will basically be an extension of Obama’s presidency (20 trillion dollars in debt, the worst it has been in the country’s history). Also, no questions were asked about the fact that she has flip-flopped on numerous issues as well, namely same-sex marriage. Even worse, she was not asked about her “basket of deplorables” comment, or the fact that she once called Trump a superpredator. As you can see, her issues and comments were massively neglected compared to Trump’s.

To be fair, Trump could have been asked about  Trump university, the Trump foundation, bankruptcy, and more. We must also keep in mind that there are two more debates, and hopefully, Clinton is interrogated way more in both of them. Overall, the questions were entirely biased in favor of Hillary. But, at this point, is anyone surprised?

Author: Joe Schmid

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