Liberty and Logic Plans on Accepting New Writers and Opening More Debate


Due to a lack of time for both of our main writers, we fully intend to reach out and gather more people willing to write. Since this is a non-profit at the moment, we are accepting patriotic volunteers. It may take a bit of time, but there will certainly be more stout conservatives ready defend their ideals or devoted liberals wishing to make their case. Either is welcome as we wish to incite the spirit of debate.

Mentioning debate, one of the few issues that Joe Schmid and I disagree on is climate change. He recently made his case in a post and I will soon be making mine. It is our goal at Liberty and Logic to find the truth in politics; we will get to the bottom of this debate because one of us must be right and one of us is wrong. Both of us have agreed to be open-minded as always and will happily engage in this discussion. I look forward to a long back and forth discussion to either prove or disprove man-made climate change.

If any of the new writers have disagreement on issues with us or with each other, they will likely engage in a similar dialogue striking down each other’s arguments until a conclusion can be reached.

On top of this, we will probably be reforming the calendar yet again or removing it entirely. In its current state, it still does not meet our needs as certain events and ideas such as today’s come up that need to be covered, but we lack a sufficient day on our calendar to post our thoughts and evidence.

I have personally been taking a journalism class and I hope to improve my writing skills. If I find any useful tips I will share them with the other writers so that we may improve content

Following with this renovation, we will be contemplating spending additional money on advertising or other routes to increase our viewer count. It is our mission to get our message out to as many people as possible, and we will be willing to make more sacrifices in order to have this done.

We thank our loyal readers for their diligence on preserving liberty and their dedication to our blog. As always we will let you know if any further developments arise.

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