The Twenty Trillion Man’s National Debt: The Price that You Have to Pay


Oftentimes, conservatives look into the way that the national debt will likely reach 20 trillion before Obama leaves office and wonder, “What the heck happened?!” The “20 trillion man,” as coined by the Washington Times, is deeply responsible for this tragic turn of events. The economy is left in shambles, and he is the only president in history to fail at achieving even a single year of 3% GDP growth. The left loves to mention how historic he is just about every time that he does anything. Even he mentioned, “First president since George Washington to make some booze in the Whitehouse.” Wrong again, Mr. Obama, George Washington never lived in the Whitehouse. But that is besides the point, Obama considers himself to be the history maker, the savior of the economy, and a great benefit to our nation. Is that really the case?

The 20 trillion man has done relatively little for our country except embarrass us diplomatically and throw us into poor situations domestically. States and cities continue to decline under the same policies that he seeks to and has enacted in multiple places. It is time that we get a grip on the situation. Our money is not endless, and we already may be too late in stoping the debt train from thundering over the cliff. We need to be more cautious with  our spending, cut government, and try to pay off our debt. Government programs with overlapping purposes need to either be removed or repositioned so that they specialize on separate tasks and do not interfere with each other and waste tax dollars.

Fiscally, we’re a dying nation. Losing responsibility, businesses, and growth, we will not be able to continue. Changing the definition of unemployed to not include people who are not looking for jobs does not make the problem go away. Allowing millions of illegal immigrants to take American jobs at relatively cheap prices does not help our unemployment rate. If we’re to pull out of this, we need to get on it now. This election is the time to begin making a difference. We have to begin chipping away at the national bureaucracy and halt the spreading of debts and liabilities from irresponsible leaders.

While our Conservative candidates have not succeeded in making it to the general election,we have to make do with what we have. Trump must succeed and Hillary must be stopped. However, just because we support Trump does not mean that we cannot hold him accountable for his failings. Do not support Trump for the big R, which stands for Republican, support him for the big A of America. For your vote, he must reach your standards. If you make your points, principles, and limits clear, he will strive to reach them for your acceptance. Trump cannot win without us, and we need to get something out of that. The twenty trillion man has done enough; we do not need a forty trillion or worse Hillary Clinton.

Author: James Kurlich

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