Crooked Hillary Clinton


Yes, it can get worse. We all know that Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands. She should be held accountable for Benghazi, her email scandals, the DNC rigging, and way more. But what has been happening recently in the FBI’s inspection of her private email servers and the actual emails themselves? We have not focused much on how Hillary Clinton truly is deceitful and untrustworthy, and this is just one post out of many to come that will shed light on this subject.

We all know that she immensely misused her powers during her service in the State Department, but what about afterward? Well, according to documents acquired by the Republican National Committee, “Clinton sent classified material over email after leaving State Department.” (Fox News Politics)

“Much of the message is redacted due to classified information. The markings list the material as “confidential” and say it can only be declassified in 2033.

The email was first reported by The New York Post.” (Fox News Politics)

But that’s not all. An FBI report conducted last Friday found that she likely used 13 devices when dealing with classified information using personal emails. What is she trying to hide? Why was she so ardently trying to evade justice through the use of a number of different devices?

“The FBI released a detailed report of its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of State, including the summary of its three-hour interview with her in July.

The report indicates the FBI investigation found 13 total mobile devices associated with her two known phone numbers that were potentially used to send emails via” (The Hill)

The astonishing thing is that this seemingly does not affect her supporters. Are they turning their backs to her devious, corrupt, and malicious ways? Are they indifferent? It seems as though they do not care. This is both astounding and disconcerting. As conservatives, rather, as human beings, we need to expose Hillary Clinton for who she really is. It is truly sad to see how some people are beyond the law. Hillary Clinton said it herself:

“‘I often feel like there’s the Hillary Clinton standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,’ Clinton continued.” (

Author: Joe Schmid

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