Colin Kaepernick Goes Down in History by Disrespecting our Nation


Before we finish off this week, I think we need to get down to some facts. Not only were Colin Kaepernick’s actions offensive, but they were also based upon little to no actual information. For those who do not know, Colin Kaepernick has decided to sit down during every National Anthem during his games until something is done about this country that he says, “oppresses black people and people of color.” On top of his disgraceful decision to dishonor our nation, he has also misled countless people on the issue due to his lack of research, sources, and information. Normally, this would be considered a “current event,” but I feel that this is a moment that will go down in history for ignoring just that–history.

This has to do with police brutality and disproportional arrest from racism. I disagree that either is a serious issue or is prevalent; however, I cannot say that there aren’t isolated cases. In order to state my case, I will be using purely government sources for statistics rather than groups that the left could accuse of bias.

As of July 1st, 2015, the United States had an estimated population of 321,418,820 according to the United States Census Bureau. According to the same study, the population is roughly 77.1% white and 13.3% black. The rest is filled in with other minorities. In the categories of curfew/loitering, robbery, murder/negligent manslaughter, and several other crimes listed on the FBI’s chart, the African American population is responsible for a majority of several crimes plus a plurality of many other crimes. To list those I named, curfew is 46%, murder sits at 53.1%, robbery is the highest at 55.9%. Those are simply some of the crimes where the percentages are disproportional.

Of course other crimes are dominated by whites and other minorities over blacks, but 13.3% of the population is responsible for a larger amount of serious crime than is their “fair share” no matter how one looks at this situation. There are over two hundred million more whites than blacks. A group of roughly 42,748,703 people should not be committing even close to the same amount of crime as a group of roughly 247,813,910 people. If there are disproportional arrests being made, that is because of disproportional crime rates. When someone commits a crime, regardless of race, the police attempt to catch and arrest them.

Could there be reasons such as poverty or bad areas? Yes. Is it because of their skin color? No. But just as it is not fair to call all blacks criminals, it is not fair to accuse police in general of racism, brutality, and disproportional arrests. Before the media and celebrities along with interested movements take control of our emotions, it is important to make an attempt to find impartial evidence. Kaepernick has used his celebrity status effectively not only to dishonor veterans that fight for us, but also to slander police who also do battle against crime for us. This entire mess could have been avoided if he did proper research, or if he at least thought twice about the way he intended to make his move.

Author: James Kurlich

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