Divisive Diversity


Social liberalism will oftentimes focus upon something called diversity. A simple definition according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is, “the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization.” While on the surface, a focus on this may appear to be commendable, it is important to look at the ideology behind it and the effects that it has upon a community.

The United States is often referred to as the “Great American Melting Pot.” This means that we are made up of several different cultures, beliefs, and ways of thinking from all across the world. The different immigrants melded together to form one union. We are one society now, and we view ourselves as American rather than Irish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or any other nationality. We are a nation of immigrants. While it is important to celebrate our separate heritages, it is equally important to recognize our unity. Modern day liberal diversity seems to focus so much upon our differences, that people forget our similarities and equal citizenship. A college worries about what percent of its students are white, black, asian, rich, poor, sexual identification, and more. Sometimes race or sexuality is a deciding factor in admissions due to this, and it is all done in the name of diversity. This is divisive and unacceptable if we wish to maintain our stance as one nation, and as a great melting pot of ideas and cultures.

It is all about assimilation. When an immigrant moves to the United States, they are leaving their old homeland, culture, and many other aspects of their former lives behind. In return, they receive our culture, a new land, and great opportunity to succeed if they put in the work. The outcries of discrimination, lack of diversity, and all in virtually every classification of people that one can think of is simply tearing at the fabric that makes America itself. In order to truly eliminate discrimination entirely, we should focus upon our similarities rather than our differences. Instead of viewing our neighbor as an economic class, a different race, a separate religion, a different sexual orientation, view them as a fellow American citizen.

Author: James Kurlich

Questions? Ask away at jameskurlich@gmail.com


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