Being Social About Conservatism


Being social comes easily to some people and to others, not so much. However, it is important that everyone is social enough to discuss and debate viewpoints. The difficulties in discussing politics are quickly rising along with tempers. People are becoming less and less open to conversing on their beliefs and once they shut down, it is nearly impossible to make them open up again.

I’m going to be honest about my opinion. I think that we, as in conservatives, are greatly outnumbered. It seems that every election, whether presidential, for congressional seats, or even at local levels in some places that the conservative tends to lose. The Republican establishment smashes the grassroots movements of conservatives with the huge bulk funding for advertising, PACs, and more. A conservative starts out at a disadvantage and things only get worse. Not only are we outnumbered, but we’re outshouted. Nobody can hear us scream as we watch the country be murdered by bad policy, corruption, and downright unconstitutional law. How can we counter this? What are we going to do to make our voices heard?

As someone who has full faith in conservatism, I believe that we represent the truth. We haven’t rewritten history, we have not lied through the media, and we have never had to resort to corruption to cover up mistakes because we did not commit them. It is my belief that if someone is open to listening to our points, they will switch to our side. So, it really comes down to that. How do we make people listen? I’ve tried for most of my life to talk about politics with whoever will listen; sometimes it goes well but sometimes it doesn’t.

For starters, it is quite obvious that insults do not work. Nobody will listen to a rude person, so insulting your listener will never end up with you having their attention. However, this also goes for liberal figures on the global political stage. I never try to call out people specifically, even if it is just factually destroying their policy. The people I’ve spoken with tend to be more comfortable if I only mention policy rather than names.

Another point is vocabulary. If you’re someone who loves to read books on, read up on, listen to videos on, and practically lives and breathes political discussion and debate; you have most likely picked up a lot of new vocabulary. It is essential to consider that your discussion partner might not understand all or even any of it. Use words that they will understand, relate to, or even feel emotional about.

Stick to issues that you are comfortable with. Never attempt to get into a discussion on something that you are not sure of yourself with. Make sure that you are the one in control, but that it is a pleasant and helpful control. The person you are speaking with is someone in need, and you are about to make a positive difference in their life by opening their eyes.

These are just some basic things that I have found in my time as someone who cannot go five minutes without thinking about some sort of policy, political issue, or historic event that might tie into present events. I hope they are helpful, and I implore each of you to spread the word of conservatism while we still have the chance.

Author: James Kurlich

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