Affirmative Action


Imagine you are trying out for a basketball team. The coach announces nine players that are already on the team, and you have one practice left to show the coach your talent. There is only one spot left on the team, and your big opportunity has finally arrived. You scored 30 points in the practice, more than every other player, and you were clearly the best player on the court. You undeniably deserve the position on the team, because you proved your elite abilities. You know that you are competing for the last position with another good player, but you clearly outplayed him. The one problem is, the player with whom you are competing is a different race than you, and his race has been discriminated against in the past. Many administrators in the basketball program are pushing for “basketball affirmative action”, where players that have different abilities, a different race, education, or job are favored over others that do not fulfill those stipulations. So, the last spot of the team goes to the other kid, despite the fact that you were clearly more qualified and skillful. The strange thing is, many liberals are actually pushing for affirmative action laws to be incorporated into the workplace nowadays. But is this really fair?

Affirmative action is defined as “The policy of favoring members of a disadvantaged group who currently suffer or historically have suffered from discrimination within a culture.” (Wikipedia)

First, the effects of affirmative action are essentially reverse discriminatory insofar as favoring certain individuals despite their qualifications. People applying for jobs or colleges (or other schools) should be hired or admitted based on their abilities, qualifications, and experience, rather than their race or some other defining characteristic. Many liberals are essentially pushing for the analogy given earlier (about basketball) to occur in the workplace. This is simply absurd. It favors less qualified individuals over those that deserve the job. Using race for a qualification is racist in and of itself; it is also unfair.

No, I am not condoning racism whatsoever. Racism is illogical, inconsiderate, insensitive, and unintelligent. All I am stating is that people should be judged on their abilities and experience rather than on their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or anything else.

Author: Joe Schmid

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