The Presidential Race?


You may be wondering, “Why did you name the title of this article, ‘The Presidential Race?'”. That’s a very good question. You see, it’s not much of a race anymore. Donald Trump is blowing every opportunity he gets, whether it be making an unintelligent or simply erroneous statement, or even acting in a childish and impertinent way.

The polls show that Donald Trump is losing steam, and he is losing it rapidly. He is below Clinton in every single national poll (as of 8/1/16-8/14/16), with an average of 6.8 points below Clinton (across six general election polls according to RealClear Politics: LA Times/USC, Reuters/Ipsos, Bloomberg, Economist/YouGov, NBC News/SM, and finally, ABC News/Washington Post. Data found on “”)

But what could be causing this downfall?

It is likely due to Trump’s insensitivity when it comes to his speeches. He speaks his mind quite frequently, and it’s usually to his detriment. He has found himself calling Hillary Clinton “the devil”, and he has also been caught flat-out lying a number of times during his presidential campaign. And after almost every time he makes a blunder, he later comes out with a statement saying something along the lines of, “Oh, I did not really mean what I said. It was sarcasm.” Really? Or did you get yourself into a predicament, and now you’ve forced yourself to come up with an excuse for your childish behavior? Considering how many times he has employed this faulty technique (the pseudo-sarcasm), the evidence seems to suggest the latter. So, what did Mr. Trump say this time?

In an article posted on The New York Times, Nick Corasaniti wrote:

“‘In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama,’ Mr. Trump told a raucous and rowdy crowd in Florida on Wednesday night. ‘He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder. He founded ISIS.’ He added, ‘I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.’ During an extended riff on the crisis in Crimea, Mr. Trump added extra emphasis on the president’s full name, saying that it occurred ‘during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.'” (The New York Times)

Now, this is obviously absurd, and I will admit that Trump should not have said such a thing, but it does have a tiny bit of truth in it. Through Obama’s lenient counterterrorism policies and his refusal to even speak the words “radical Islamic terrorism”, he has contributed to ISIS’s uprise (to a certain– and minuscule– degree). But this is precisely the thing Trump should not be saying if he wants to win voters and unite the republican party. When will he learn? Perhaps when he notices that Clinton is beating him in the polls?

In conclusion, Trump has really been shooting himself (and his entire campaign) in the foot lately. If he wants to defeat crooked Hillary, he needs to do it the right way, the mature way, instead of his pathetic and childish name-calling and unintelligent rambling. But, the one thing we must remember, is that Trump is far less dangerous than Hillary Clinton. Would you rather have a deceitful, lying, corrupt, murderous, and scandalous president, or one that says unintelligent and hurtful things? For me (and for any reasonable person), the obvious choice would be the latter.

Author: Joe Schmid

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