What is a Conservative Social Issue?


(Ted Cruz speaks at CPAC 2016)

As part of improving our blog, we’ve changed several things in the calendar and in the composition of each issue. We’ve removed both Current News and Science as topics. We have reasoned that Current News is more easily obtainable elsewhere and Science is more difficult, redundant, and fits into a mix of several issues that we already cover. Today’s blog will be simple, but it is a discussion that needs to be had. What is a social issue from a conservative point of view?

A social issue is something that is oftentimes more opinionated than fact based. Some groups claim objective moral truth and others deny this. However, each can be solved with a set of conservative principles using reason and logic. To be conservative on a social issue is to cautiously defend and preserve Constitutional principles and values. The conservative worries about individual liberties, the individual’s chance to pursue happiness, and whether the government is getting involved in a social issue that it has no business in. These are essential points in taking a position. It cannot be conservative if it ignores preservation of important values.

The liberal position is often different, and somewhat difficult to identify or predict. Modern day liberalism is the descendant and virtually the same as progressivism. That is a telltale sign of what liberals will stand with. Whatever is viewed as progress or change, be it for worse or better, is liberal. Liberalism is synonymous for revolutionary. That revolution is often misguided due to the sheer number of possibilities that would be poor for society rather than an improvement. For Darwinism in government, the evolution is not always a positive factor. The formulation of communism and fascism was caused by the liberal revolutionary ideals from the French Revolution and channeled through Karl Marx. In liberalism, there are no absolute or objective truths; instead, it is more subjective, opinionated, and personally focused except for a large groupthink.

Author: James Kurlich

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