Successes and Shortcomings of the Conventions


In this week’s post, as both the RNC and DNC hype come to a close, we will analyze which convention was more impactful and helpful to the Clinton and Trump campaigns. We will also cover a childish remark made by the republican presidential candidate (surprise, right?).


I enjoyed watching coverage of the RNC for the most part, and my favorite speech was probably given by Senator Ted Cruz, former 2016 presidential candidate. I respected and even applauded his decision to refrain from endorsing Trump, as he is not a true constitutional conservative. However, like I have stated countless times on this blog, I will stand and unite behind Donald Trump in order to prevent “Crooked Hillary” from becoming president. But what are Trump’s chances of winning? Did he receive a spike in the polls?

Shortly after the RNC, Trump did see a small jump in the polls. However, it was definitely not as much as he would like to have seen. And he has even worse news after the DNC.

“Clinton also saw a bounce in a four-way general election match-up against Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Clinton now leads Trump by 4 points — 42 percent to 38 percent — in the four-way race. This is a lead-reversal from last week, when Trump was beating the Democratic nominee by 2 points. Support for Johnson (9 points) and Stein (4 points) remained virtually unchanged from last week.” (NBC News)


Comparatively, the DNC was way more impactful and successful poll-wise. Prior to th convention, only one point separated the republican and democratic presidential nominees. However, after the DNC, Hillary found herself a whopping 8 points (50% to 42%) above Trump according to the most recent NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll. (NBC News)

“These results are according to the latest from the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking poll conducted online from July 25 through July 31 among 12,742 adults who say they are registered to vote.” (NBC News)

Trump’s Remark

If you thought we had already heard every nickname under the sun be uttered out of Donald Trump’s mouth–or, his twitter account– then you’re wrong. His most recent childish and immature verbal attack on his adversary was calling Hillary Clinton “the devil”. Yep. You heard me–he actually said that.

“Speaking about former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, Trump said the Vermont senator ‘made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil. He made a deal with the devil.'” (NBC News)

I will acknowledge that some of Hillary Clinton’s views are inherently evil, but that does not give anyone a reason to call her “the devil”.


Overall, it truly is too early in the race to tell who is going to win. We also need to carry a certain amount of skepticism when approaching polls too early. However, these early polls do carry some credence, and it is not looking too great for republicans and conservatives in our country. And you know what else isn’t looking too great for republicans and conservatives in this country? The man they nominated as their candidate, Donald Trump.

Author: Joe Schmid

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