An Attack on Principles and Values


With all the things going on in the presidential race at the moment, it is difficult to pick one or two topics and double down on them for this article. However, there is a story that was broadly publicized, politicized, and told entirely the wrong way in order to meet the status quo. That story is the attack by Donald Trump upon Senator Ted Cruz; after he was no longer a threat in the race.

Trump gained a reputation for general, long, and nearly meaningless statements as he dithered on throughout the Republican debates in the primary. For example, his pathetic response to the question on the Nuclear Triad shows that he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about at times and would do better to attempt at least a few days worth of research on the topics leading up to the debate and to be president. Mainstream media “on our side” will whine, “Wait! Don’t attack Trump, he’s the nominee! Target Hillary, launch anything and everything you can at her!” While I agree it is important to discover and publicize the evildoings of Hillary Clinton, I believe that it is equally important to do the same for our candidate. Otherwise, how are we different than Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the mainstream media who use  lies, coverups, and just plain subterfuge in order to keep their agenda rolling? People need to hold both candidates accountable for their actions, praise them for what they’ve done well, and point out their flaws. It is my belief that Trump’s attack upon Ted Cruz for his speech (which I thought was wonderful by the way) is a meaningless and petty gesture that reveals much about Donald Trump’s character. His opponent is down and out yet Trump still keeps punching and kicking.

Because Cruz does not support a lot of what Trump does, (and what Trump does support repeatedly changes) he refused to endorse Trump. Donald Trump knew about this, agreed to it, and had a copy of the transcript of Ted Cruz’s speech. In his gloating speech about Cruz not being received well, he claimed that Cruz added in lines that were not in the original transcript and hinted that these words were detrimental to Trump and were a cruel attack by saying it “could have been viewed as a nasty thing.” What was the sentence that Cruz added? That part, Trump decided it might be best to leave out. Why is this? Cruz added three segments. None of them could be considered harmful in any way. To “Thank you” at the start, he added “and God bless each and every one of you.” To a comment about LeBron James leading Cleveland to a comeback victory, he added, “and I’m convinced America is going to come back too.” Following an applause, after congratulating Trump on winning the nomination he stated, “And, like each of you, I want to see the principles that our party believes prevail in November.” Now, which of these offended you? Not even a liberal college student inside their “safe space” would be offended by a single word in these statements.

It is a sad day in America when it can be seen that a Republican is attacked by other Republicans for the promotion of principle, saying that America can come back from whatever challenges we have faced, are facing, and will face in the time to come. I dearly hope that the former eventually triumphs, for if the latter truly is the face of the Republican Party, I want little to do with it.

Author: James Kurlich

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