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For anyone who has  been fervently keeping tabs on the news for the past couple of weeks, they will know that everything that’s happening is rather disconcerting. People are being massacred at the hands of extremists every day now– and it has become a banality. For this week’s current news and factual analysis, we will look into the many atrocities that have occurred recently, and we will also give a short synopsis of each one.

Baton Rouge

On July 17, “A Missouri man ambushed and killed three law officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge on Sunday during a time when police nationwide and in the Louisiana city in particular have been on high alert after five officers were killed in a Dallas ambush July 7.” (CNN)

This further divided our nation, as we have been in crumbles recently. We must remember all lives matter, whether they’re black lives or police lives.


Citizens of Afghanistan and people around the world are in a state of mourning after “a suicide bomber killed 80 people and wounded 230 in an attack on marchers in Kabul.” (BBC News)

The attack occurred on Saturday, July 23. BBC News went on, explaining:

“So-called Islamic State (IS), the Sunni Muslim militant group, has said it was behind Saturday’s attack on members of the Shia Muslim Hazara minority.” (BBC News

Explosion in Germany

Terrorism is hitting the Western world harder and harder, and these recent attacks prove this to be true. An explosion just outside a bar in Ansbach, Bavaria (a southern German city) occurred on July 24, 2016, injuring at least 12 individuals. (RT News)

“Authorities believe the act was ‘deliberate’ and the perpetrator died in the blast after setting off an improvised device.” (RT News)

Shooting in German Mall

Yet more destruction and havoc fell upon the world when, on Friday, July 22, at least 9 people were killed and 16 injured in a mall in Munich, Germany. Neighbors identify the unknown shooter as 18-year-old Ali Sonboli. Previously living in Germany for about 2 years, Ali Sonboli is a German-Iranian whose motives are unclear. (CNN)

“Police searched for attackers, thinking there might be three, and found a man who had killed himself on a side street near Olympia shopping mall, police Chief Hubertus Andrae said.” (CNN)

Suicide Bomber in Baghdad

“Terror once again struck the streets of Iraq’s capital Sunday, after a suicide bombing killed at least 21 people in a residential neighborhood in northern Baghdad.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Kadhimiya, which also injured more than 35 others, Iraqi security officials said.” (CNN)
This is yet another reason to formally declare war on ISIS, because they are evidently the biggest pressing threat our world faces, not just our country. We need to totally annihilate radical Islamic terrorism, and we need to do it as soon as humanly possible.


Attack in Nice

On July 14, 2016, the citizens of Nice, France, were peacefully and joyfully celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais. Sadly, their celebrations came to a close when Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove a 19-ton truck into the crowd, killing 84 people and injuring 303. He then fatally fired numerous shots into the crowds, but he was then shortly killed when police surrounded him. (Wikipedia)

DNC Email Scandal

The left has shown its corrupt and crooked side yet again when thousands of emails were leaked showing a bias towards Hillary Clinton in the 2016 democratic primaries. (CNN) The emails also showed an anti-Sanders bias.

“Top officials at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) privately planned how to undermine Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, according to a trove of emails released by WikiLeaks on Friday.” (The Hill)

We have already seen great controversy and deceit from Hillary Clinton and her campaign (Benghazi, private emails, etc), so this comes as no surprise to many. The Hill continued, saying:

“The email release will reignite that controversy just days before Democrats gather in Philadelphia for their convention to officially nominate Clinton for president.” (The Hill)

 “In one May 21 email, DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach writes to communications director Luis Miranda about planting a narrative to the media that Sanders’s ‘campaign was a mess.'” (The Hill)
Stay tuned here at the Liberty and Logic blog, because tomorrow we will cover this scandal, who was behind it, and the DNC in even more detail.


Author: Joe Schmid

Questions? Ask away at josephschmid4@gmail.com

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