On the Issues- Conservatism vs Liberalism (Continued)


In the previous week, we explored the Constitution and the world with a conservative eye through the gaze of Senator Ted Cruz. This week we will analyze the same subjects for debate except through the liberal gaze of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

1. The first issue that was mentioned was the Constitution. Hillary’s “Issue” page on her campaigning website, unlike Ted Cruz, either failed to mention her views or she considers it a non-issue like several of her like-minded companions. “I think that there are very few constitutional limits that would prevent the federal government from rules that could affect your private life.”, was a statement made by California congressman and liberal Democrat, Pete Stark. In the Washington Times, an article stated this about Pete Stark’s views, “When liberals are asked about their interpretation of the Constitution, they generally are not as truthful as Congressman Stark. They tend to respond with ambiguous rhetoric about a living Constitution.” In short, the liberal deems the Constitution up to interpretation by whoever is a Supreme Court Justice and they have the right to say what the Constitution “actually means”. (“The Liberal interpretation of the Constitution revealed” 1)

2. The second topic for debate was “defending our country”, and this time, Hillary’s website commented upon the subject. In general, the liberal consensus on the issue of terrorism, which is our current highest defense priority, is that we must defend our own country but not strike into the Middle East and eliminate the source. This is supported by the site’s statement of, “We will confront and defeat them in a way that builds greater stability across the region, without miring our troops in another misguided ground war.” (“Hillary for America” National Security 1) Frankly, it is somewhat difficult to defeat an armed enemy without actually fighting them on the ground, but that is her position on the matter.

3. The third issue, “religious liberty”, is the next on the list. However, you guessed it! Hillary once again refrained from putting yet another discussion topic of extremely high importance on her campaign website and instead lightly comments on it in her “LGBT Equality” page. However, as an attacker on the Religious Freedom Act of Indiana (Also signed in more than a dozen states previously), we can safely assume she does not support religious freedom like Ted Cruz does. “Sad this new Indiana law can happen in America today. We shouldn’t discriminate against ppl bc of who they love #LGBT”, tweeted candidate Hillary Clinton. This view goes for the majority of her party (who consider religious freedom in public places and private businesses an act of discrimination against LGBT).

4. The fourth and final issue was her tax plan, which is also inconveniently not located on her website. Senator Ted Cruz’s website had his plan, but we also went to a third party analysis group called the Tax Foundation. Here is what they had to say about her tax plan. “Our analysis finds that the plan would increase revenue by $498 billion over the next decade. The plan would also increase marginal tax rates on both labor and capital. As a result, the plan would reduce the size of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 1 percent over the long term. This reduction in GDP would translate into 0.8 percent lower wages and 311,000 fewer full-time equivalent jobs. Accounting for the economic effects of the tax changes, the plan would end up increasing federal tax revenues by $191 billion over the next decade.” (Tax Foundation, Details and Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Tax Proposal)  The plan is a result of the large government programs required to run all of the ideas she has for her presidency and all of the current ones. Funding is difficult to raise without hurting the economy, and balance is even harder to find.

Now, how does this all tie into the Constitution? How do these viewpoints line up to the views of the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution? In the following weeks, all of these questions will be answered, and more!

Author: James Kurlich

Questions? Ask away at jameskurlich@gmail.com

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