Why Liberalism is not “Compassionate”

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In the public eye and throughout debate, the conservative will oftentimes be portrayed as greedy, self-centered, against the poor, racist, and hate any kind of possible minority. Why is this? What do limited government, individual liberty, economic prosperity, and American Exceptionalism have anything to do with the negative points attributed to conservatives? The simple answer is that the left will use any argument necessary, even false ones, to make themselves appear to be the compassionate, loving, and moral people that the voters one. Of course, no basis has been given in this article to demonstrate this fact. That comes next.

Starting off with greedy and self-centered; it is often stated that conservatives are businessmen set out to steal everything that everyone else has purely for themselves and their own enjoyment purposes. To address that issue, it is true that many conservatives are business people. However, there are also many non-business type conservatives including myself. We do support business and capitalism as the best economic path to prosperity for the poor, the middle class, and the rich. The left will cry out about the wage gap and about how rich are getting richer. In other countries without capitalism, the poor are poorer and the  rich are also poorer. However, in the United States, what we consider poor is far wealthier than the poor elsewhere. The rich are also far richer than what is normally defined as rich elsewhere. Capitalism initiates a higher standard of living for all involved despite the gap between different individuals being larger. Personally, I would rather be poor and free in the United States than “rich” and in servitude in many other countries in the world (because there is truthfully little difference except for liberty). The poor have been voting for liberal Democrats who promise to improve their lot in life since President Lyndon B. Johnson famously declared “unconditional war on poverty in America.” How has this worked out? The poverty rate is the same as it was  three years after this declaration and we are now roughly 19.3 trillion in national debt. It seems to me that our nation is much poorer as a result of this social welfare system and that someone didn’t read the terms and conditions to “unconditional war on poverty.”

Possibly the most common argument these days with the whole anti-police movement is the “everything about republicans is racist” position. If I were the general establishment Republican, I would bring up that ours is the party of President Lincoln, founded by Abolitionists, the one that tore down the Jim Crow laws, and the birthplace Civil Rights Movement. When Republicans were doing this, the Democrats were the ones defending slavery, instigating the Jim Crow laws, founded the Klan, and fought against the Civil Rights Movement nearly to the dying breath. While all these things are absolutely true, the liberal side would say that, “People have switched sides and it’s the Republican Party that is now racist and evil. The Republican Party is now predominately located in the racist south and they are the old white men grabbing power!” This argument is why the establishment Republican often pales and nearly faints at the horrendous attack of the “r-word.” No, it’s not “Republican,” or “Rape culture,” you silly liberals, it’s “racist.” They see no way to defend themselves and thus avoid the situation at all costs. They see that the attack will evolve into a “You’re racist!” “Am not!” “Are too!” situation. The simple answer is this. Who views people as groups such as “minorities” and “majorities?” Who supports financial aid discrimination based upon race in the form of Affirmative Action? Blacks make up 13% of our nation’s population, but represent 37% of abortions. If Democrats are worried about blacks being unjustly killed without the chance to fight for themselves, why do they support abortion? Looking at these “unanswerable questions,” it is easy enough to say that the Democrats are not the compassionate ones. They are not the ones who care the most. It is the conservative Republicans that seek to create lives, improve lives, and protect lives from the threats that our nation faces.

Author: James Kurlich

Questions? Ask away at jameskurlich@gmail.com


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