Political Correctness


“I’m not interested in being politically correct. I’m interested in being correct.” (Senator Marco Rubio, CNN Republican Debate) One of the many things dragging this country down is political correctness. Hillary Clinton and many others strive to push for more political correctness in almost everything we do. However, political correctness does more detriment to a nation than what most people think. Instead of driving and encouraging tolerance, it does the opposite. Since the rise of “political correctness”, we have seen a drastic rise in hate crimes all over this nation.

We need to face the facts; radical Islamic terrorism is the biggest and most pressing issue our country faces currently. That’s not bigotry, racism, or “Islamophobia”. We need to dispel with being politically correct and focus on what is actually correct (the real issues). The leftist media and many liberal politicians refrain from using the words “radical Islamic terrorism” because they fear being labeled as “prejudiced”. Ultimately, we are losing the safety of our nation due to this insanity. If we do not face the facts about our country’s biggest problems, we won’t even be able to defend ourselves. We will simply push for “tolerance” when the underlying motive is pacifism. We cannot let radical Islamic terrorists walk all over us just because labeling them as such is “politically incorrect”. As a country we need to face the facts, call it what it is, and take action to preserve and protect our citizens.

Author: Joe Schmid

Questions? Ask away at josephschmid4@gmail.com

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