Presidential Race? More Like Twitter Disgrace!


LEFT: Trump’s controversial deleted tweet            RIGHT: The revised edition

All throughout this presidential campaign, the candidates have been childishly fighting on  various social networks, namely twitter. We have seen everything from each candidate, whether it be a “Delete your account” tweet from the presumptive Democratic nominee or a seemingly anti-semitic Star of David from the presumptive Republican nominee. All these juvenile remarks suggest that neither candidate is professional enough to be in the White House, but let’s actually look at the latest controversial tweet from Donald Trump anyway.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump faced immense ridicule (again) when he posted a picture that was dubbed “blatantly anti-Semitic” by Hillary Clinton. But was it really? Donald Trump stated that the liberal and leftist media was “dishonest” to portray it that way, and many say it was just a regular star, just like the ones that appear in Sheriff departments. Although, the six-pointed star is ubiquitously known to have been a marker for the Jews during the Holocaust, and it is still a prominent religious symbol that appears on the Israeli flag. Trump later deleted the tweet and posted a revised version with a circle instead of a six-pointed star.

We have seen countless examples of the liberal media twisting things, and this is likely another case of that. Although controversial, we cannot definitively know whether the incentive behind the tweet was anti-Semitic or not. No matter what the case, all of this twitter mudslinging is rather petty and unprofessional. Instead of bashing the opposing side, it would be better just to present your views and counter opponents’  views using logic, reasoning, facts, and evidence. “Presidential race”? More like “Twitter disgrace”!

Author: Joe Schmid

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