The War on Guns

AR15_A3_Tactical_Carbine_pic1Liberals and politicians hate them. They are the thing about which everyone is talking. Guns. The evil, murderous and genocidal guns. Any time a shooting happens, gun grabbers use the dead as a tool to push their anti-gun agenda (and they call us heartless). Liberals see the people they have elected and join them in a cause about which they know nothing. Probably because social welfare does not hand out firearms. Thinking that an answer to stop shootings is to ban the AR-15 is completely wrong, but the press, liberals, and a third of Congress think otherwise.

There are 100 million gun owners in America, and that is of what the government is afraid. The Founding Fathers clearly stated that the people need to be armed, and this militia spoken of in the 2nd Amendment is the people. Hitler said that to conquer the people, you must disarm them. The government obviously does not care about the victims in these horrific events, except when they need to act like they do to push their agenda. When American Hero Chris Kyle was gunned down at a shooting range, no statement from the White House was released, and nobody was sent to his funeral. If Obama really cared about protecting the people, he would have been right there at his funeral, pushing for control like he does everywhere else. The government is afraid of the people having guns, and that is why they want to take them away. People with assault weapons are only a problem for the government when they want to turn us into a country like the Soviet Union or China.

The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” – James Madison. I have talked to liberal friends about what we should do to fix this violence. One answer that is common, is that we should “regulate” the 2nd Amendment. This is completely useless, because then the government can “regulate” the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, etc. At that point, they could regulate everything great about the United States, and why immigrants flock here instead of to other countries.

How do we fix this? The Orlando shooting was committed by a man who pledged allegiance to ISIS, Sandy Hook shooting was because an insane kid had possession of firearms that he should not have been able to have. According to the New York Times, 8 of the last 16 mass shooters have passed background checks, even though they were mentally ill or had criminal backgrounds. Background checks do not work, and have not stopped people from dying. Changing the Constitution would destroy the country from the roots and open up a huge gate to a tyrannical government. Common sense is how we can fix the problem. When a man is reported to the FBI, they need to do their job and investigate him. There was plenty of evidence that the Orlando shooter was a terrorist in the making, and that he was going to commit an act of terror. Innocent school children lost their lives because a parent allowed her insane son to obtain her firearms. Twelve people were killed at a Navy Yard by Aaron Alexis, because he was not allowed to buy an assault rifle but was allowed to buy a shotgun. All of these incidents could have been avoided if competence was used in forming background checks and gun education when you buy the gun. It is common sense to keep mentally ill people and actual terrorists away from guns, or else this slaughter will continue.

Author: Chris Cannatella

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