Bigger Is Not Always Better

Our country’s founding fathers made it clear; the government was meant to be small and limited in order to prevent tyranny and oppression. They aspired to empower and support small businesses, upcoming entrepreneurs, and the free market. Where did we go wrong? Why does the left continually push regulations, higher taxes, and a bigger, controlling government?

The government loves stripping its citizens and businesses of their freedom. The left pushes a bigger government because they want to control you and what you do with your life or business. As conservatives, we believe in individual freedom and liberty, and we also support and embrace the free market and capitalism. But, then, why should there be a small government?

As stated before, a big and controlling government encroaches on our freedom and liberty. It unconstitutionally gains far too much power. Corruption, deceit, and indoctrination also result from a large government, as it controls the media and education. But, as long as it acts morally, cannot we avoid these complications and still have a large government? Of course not, and here is why.

A big government is devoid of checks and balances. Thus, it can gain way too much power at the expense of its citizens. It is also harmful because it interferes with free enterprise and the free market. As you can see, a big government is clearly not the path our founding fathers envisioned our nation to follow, and it is also clearly detrimental not only to the economy, but also to each individual citizen. Now, we are left with a small, limited government. As conservatives, a limited government is one of our most prized beliefs. A small government leads to a more efficient economy and market. It allows capitalism and the free market to flourish, and each individual citizen is allowed their due freedom and liberty. It allows small businesses to expand and thrive. As a result of this, a small government regulates less and reduces the taxes it has on businesses and individuals. The economy and every citizen are allowed to flourish financially and efficiently. Taxes must be kept low, regulations must decrease, and the government must stop encroaching on our rights. Keep the government off our backs and out of our lives, because bigger is not always better.

Author: Joe Schmid

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