Why Abortion Is Wrong

Welcome to the “Scientific Conservatism” portion of the Liberty and Logic blog! You may be wondering, “What does science have to do with politics?” We believe that science plays a critical role in not only politics, but also in our everyday lives. In this portion of the blog,  you can find up-to-date science news, relevant and quality analysis of new scientific discoveries, and top notch research articles from various scientific endeavors, such as biology, medicine, political science, chemistry, and more. In addition to science news, this portion of the blog will address moral/social issues that involve both science and politics, including abortion, stem cell research, and more. The structure will typically involve a breakdown of the conservative view of a moral issue, a defense for that particular view using reason, logic, and current science, and then one or two interesting and relevant scientific discoveries will be presented.


Abortion is the killing of an innocent human life. There is no “beating around the bush” or “sugar coating” for that simple fact. It is the extermination of a human life that is living and growing inside a mother’s womb. But how do we deal with all the false propaganda that is put forth by the left that it is simply the mother’s “choice” about what she does with her body? Is the fetus really human? Is it alive? Does it feel pain? Should we defund Planned Parenthood? With this week’s post about science and ethics, you will be provided with sound reasoning that proves abortion to be completely and utterly wrong, and that a federal defunding of Planned Parenthood must subsequently ensue.

The central argument for abortion is that it boils down to one simple “fact”: a mother can do anything she wants with her own body. But how does this argument fair when sound reasoning is applied to it? Here, you can find common arguments for abortion and reasons why those arguments are simply erroneous.

  1. It is a matter of bodily autonomy. The mother can do whatever she wants with her own body.

Response: The fetus inside a mother’s womb is not her own body. There is a distinct difference between inside and part of. The fetus is simply inside the mother. At no point is the fetus of one substance with its mother. The fetus may be attached to the mother via the umbilical cord and placenta, but that is completely different. Here is an analogy that proves this further. Let’s say we have a cup, and we decide to fill it up with water. The water is simply inside the cup. At no point does it become the same substance as the cup. It has different characteristics, such as chemical makeup, color, texture, etc. The same goes with the fetus in the mother’s womb. It has a completely unique genome, or genetic code, that is different from the mother’s. Also, if the fetus is the mother’s body, how can the mother possibly have four arms, four legs, four eyes, two brains, two hearts, and two different human genomes? It is simply impossible. It is only possible when you realize that there is a distinct individual human being inside the mother’s body that is clearly not hers. If the fetus is a separate individual that is alive, growing, and functioning correctly with a different genome than the mother, how is it the mother’s body? That also begs the question, how does that justify killing the fetus? Legalized slaughter of innocent human lives is not a right of women or men anywhere in a civilized nation, especially when those lives cannot stand up for themselves.

  1. Abortion is acceptable because the fetus in the womb is not fully developed.

Response: Since when does development decide the value and worth of a human life? And where do you draw the line? Babies are less developed than teenagers, teenagers are less developed than adults, and so on. Does that mean that killing a toddler is more justifiable than killing a teenager? Does that mean that there is a “hierarchy of worth”, with humans having more worth and value as they develop further? Humans are not even fully developed until around ages 20-25, and that only lasts a short amount of time until we begin to deteriorate mentally and physically. A fetus is clearly alive, as it is undeniably growing, developing, and increasingly becoming more complex. It is an incontrovertible fact that from the moment of conception, there is a complete and unique human genome, and the zygote is undeniably alive and growing. How could we justify exterminating a living, growing being with full human DNA and also with the full potential to become an adult human being?

  1. Abortion is acceptable because the fetus does not feel pain. It is not fully sentient.

Response: Since when does one’s ability to feel pain or be entirely sentient decide the value and worth of a human life? If one were to hypothetically numb someone’s entire body so that they could not feel any pain, would it be lawful or moral to kill them? Obviously not. The question of abortion is not about pain; it is about the killing of a human being. Even if the unborn baby is not fully sentient or cannot feel pain, it has the clear potential to be entirely sentient. Why would anyone have the right to deny another’s right to life and their right to experience the world around them in the future? The point is that a mother has no right to exterminate the growing being with full human DNA inside her, regardless of whether or not it can feel pain or is sentient.

  1. What if she cannot afford the child, does not have time for the child, or even was raped?

Response: Two wrongs never make a right. If a woman gets raped, she does not get the right to take another human being’s life through abortion. Yes, rape is a horrible crime, but the killing of an innocent human being is far worse. She does not get a special pass to kill someone just because she was raped, cannot afford the child, or does not have time for it. But then, if she cannot abort the child, what is her next option? It is simple; adoption. The government could even start funding adoption agencies instead of Planned Parenthood.

  1. The fetus cannot survive outside the womb for a big portion of the pregnancy.

Response: We are all dependent on our mothers and our fellow human beings in many different ways. It is inevitable. A newborn baby cannot survive outside the mother’s womb without food, nourishment, protection, and medical care from the mother and the doctors. Does that justify killing it? Of course it doesn’t. There was a point in all of our lives when we were completely dependent on our mothers, whether it was inside or outside the womb. Just because the fetus is inside the womb does not mean that the mother can kill it. Was there some magical point where we turn from a glob of cells to a human with rights? At all stages of our life, we are human, whether it be a single cell, eight cells, one hundred cells, or a trillion. There was never a point at which we turned human. We were fully human with an entire human genome right from conception.

  1. If abortion is made illegal, black market abortions would skyrocket and would inevitably lead to deaths due to unhealthy and unsafe procedures and tools.

Response: Why should the killing of thousands of innocent human beings every single day remain legal just because there are going to be unsanitary black market abortions? Drugs and other irrefutably wrong things that are risks to safety still occur on the black market. Does that mean that those completely wrong things should be legal? Absolutely not, and I hope you see the point being made here.

In conclusion, abortion is irrefutably wrong and should be made illegal as soon as possible. In addition, the government needs to defund Planned Parenthood, and our focus should shift to adoption agencies. Thousands of babies are killed and are denied the basic human right to live a full and happy life every single day in the United States alone. Are we just going to sit back and let this happen?


Author: Joe Schmid

Questions? Ask away at josephschmid4@gmail.com


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