Fighting Terrorism or Republicans?

In the very beginning of Liberty and Logic’s existence as a blog site, it seems that yet another example of the very thing against which we stand has surfaced. Saturday’s introductory blog was finished with, “…conservatives are reaching out for a handshake with our liberal friends, hoping for a reasonable consideration of our ideas, and waiting with ready ears for a reasonable presentation of the liberal ideas.” That article was written several days in advance and prepared well before the incident that is about to be covered. After the terrible Islamic terror attack in Orlando, President Obama spoke and made several comments on the situation.

After his introductory section of his speech, he soon launched into his usual “go-to-phrase” list for the left. He stated, “We’ve reached no definitive judgement on the precise motivations of the killer.” This is a clear falsehood as the terrorist made a 911 call after most of the slaughter was complete. The terrorist pledged allegiance to ISIS, claimed connections to Al Qaeda, and even stated he was a member of yet another terrorist group, Hezbollah, and continued speaking on the phone to taunt the responders. Ignoring these clear facts, Obama continued, “The massacre is therefore a reminder on how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that allows them to shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub.” Of course, every single time we have a terrorist attack, the left immediately jumps into rhetoric about gun control and even banning guns altogether.

After all of this, he went on to bash the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, who happens to be in opposition to the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee that Obama endorsed, Hillary Clinton, in the presidential race. “We hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence,” not specifically calling Trump out by name. “Are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith?, he says growing more frustrated, “Do Republican officials actually agree with this?…” This is divisive language attempting to keep the Republican party from uniting behind Trump. He hopes to keep Republicans angry with Trump so that Hillary has far less resistance. For a speech that was supposed to be about cutting ISIS’s income and anti-terrorism, it seemed he had a hard time even mentioning either. Furthermore, he claims to worry that Trump and the rest of the Republicans think it is “ok” to “discriminate” against Muslims by “subjecting them to special surveillance.” I think I speak for the majority of conservatives when I say that I wonder if it is “ok” to belittle the lives of the victims of Islamic terrorism by turning a public and rallying address of the attack into a political slander of the opposing party.

This speech and the events that preceded it can be looked at in many ways. After listening to it, I recalled my work in the previous days over the blog that was posted on Saturday. I saw that speech as a cruel reminder of the difficult task at hand and the hardship of having a close minded opposition battling against an enemy that desires to be open minded and debate. Now, we can only hope and pray for the families of the deceased and do our own part in not politicizing their deaths. It should be the way of all to lead by virtuous example.  


Author: James Kurlich

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