What is the Purpose?

Liberty and Logic is a combined effort from several people in order to help make the country and the world a better place. Over the years, we have seen the media lie, cheat, and spin stories to cover up information and keep hidden agendas secret. In essence, the public has been largely lied to, cheated, and manipulated into going with the thought process of those who control the news. The news media tends to be liberal. Music, movies, books, art, schools, and nearly every outlet for communication of knowledge or spreading of creative works has fallen to this same leftist view. It has reached the point that the liberal and leftist view goes largely unchallenged on many platforms and those who do speak up are often silenced by their bosses, government agencies, and the rest of the media all powerful enemies alike. The key to perfecting an idea is having opposition. An idea that cannot stand on the open debate floor where everyone may choose to defend or attack it is not fit to be put into action. Unfortunately, with the opposition against liberalism nearly all but eradicated from the majority of the public eye, the thought process has developed some particularly nasty traits. Propaganda, deceit, and slander have been used to tear down conservatives, christians, and anyone else that the left deems a possible enemy. A one-party state never turns out well, and neither does one idea without a challenge.  

Liberty and Logic intends to be a part of cleaning up what has happened. The lie is made of tissue paper and cannot stand before the flame of truth. When all sides are able to debate, discuss, and eliminate errors, every person and viewpoint will benefit. Once more, there must be an open floor with fair moderation upon which all sides can speak. No more personal attacks, no more pathetic and divisive debate questions, and no more diversion from the issues facing our nation. It is time to address the problem, and hope it is not already too late. Our part will be giving the conservative point of view on the issues. This blog will not be a personal attack machine or a propaganda mill; instead the opening to peaceful dialogue which is always addressing the issue solely upon the facts, history, and information presented upon the selected problem.

I know that most of us share the thankfulness for the United States as a whole and gratefulness to be born here. We all want to make it a better place. Perhaps in knowing that we share the same goal, we might be able to see eye to eye. Despite these efforts, I do not know whether we will be able to break down the dividing wall between the viewpoints. However, I do know that one side must be the first to reach out to the other and ask for a discussion. Well then, here it is, the conservatives are reaching out for a handshake with our liberal friends, hoping for a reasonable consideration of our ideas, and waiting with ready ears for a reasonable presentation of the liberal ideas.


Author: James Kurlich
Questions? Ask away at jameskurlich@gmail.com

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